Stocks on Wall Street surged on U.S. trade on Friday, amid the emergence of optimism that European leaders will meet to formulate a policy of economic stabilization.

In trading Friday (10.21.2011), the Dow Jones closed up 267.01 points (2.31%) to the level of 11808.79. The S & P 500 rose 22.86 points (1.88%) to a level of 1238.25. Then the Nasdaq composite index rose 38.84 points (1.49%) to a level of 2637.46.

The value of trade is very high when Wall Street opened. This is driven by a signal that European leaders will inject 8 billion euros or about U.S. $ 11.1 billion to help finance the crumbling Greek debt crisis.

But there are still some concerns about the condition of the European banking debt crisis that occurred in Greece.

"The stock market is driven by conditions in Europe. Actors market to the benefit of policy makers do not hesitate to take a decision," said analysts at

Shares in the financial sector rose high enough in trading yesterday, led by rising stock prices and American Express Travelers.


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