bagaimana menghilangkan blacklist smadav

 Banyak hal yang bisa digunakan untuk menghilangkan smadav yang sudah diblacklist seperti instal ulang smadav, atau menggunakan keyword anti-pembajakan. akan tetapi hal tersebut terkadang tidak bisa digunakan karena sudah diblaklist Ip addressnya... untuk itu perlu penanganan yang khusus untuk menghilangkannya. disini akan kami berikan langkah-langkah yang akurat yang bisa digunakan untuk menghilangkan blacklist smadav secara manual:
langkah-langkahnya adalah sebagai berikut:
Age of a person is a mystery, no one could have predicted exactly. But for those who want to increase the chances to reach the age of 90 or even 100 years, here are seven simple ways that can be done.

A cardiologist from Canada, Dr. Clyde Yancy says there is an easy way to increase life expectancy by several decades. Ways is claimed can reduce the risk of deadly diseases, so that people can live longer and quality.

"Doing seven small changes in lifestyle can provide a 90 percent chance to reach the age of 90 or 100 years," said Dr. Yancy who will present this theory in the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress next week.
Seventh small changes in question Dr. Yancy is as follows
Stocks on Wall Street surged on U.S. trade on Friday, amid the emergence of optimism that European leaders will meet to formulate a policy of economic stabilization.

In trading Friday (10.21.2011), the Dow Jones closed up 267.01 points (2.31%) to the level of 11808.79. The S & P 500 rose 22.86 points (1.88%) to a level of 1238.25. Then the Nasdaq composite index rose 38.84 points (1.49%) to a level of 2637.46.